Studies of Mycoflora on Decomposing Leaf of Parthenium in relation to different Climatic Factors

Asha Sinha, Ashok kr. Singh, Abhinesh Singh Yadava, Jabeen Qaisar


Parthenium hysterophorus L. is a dominating weed on uncultivated land and on roadsides which creates health hazard to human being and cattle. The weed was left on the site after cutting where the decomposition of weed takes place. The decomposition was studied by using the nylon net bag technique. The weight loss and leaf litter inhabiting mycoflora was estimated both quantitatively and qualitatively and its relationship to environmental factors i.e. moisture content, temperature, rainfall and relative humidity were studied by using standard techniques. The maximum number of fungi (74.15 x 10^4/g of dry leaf) in the month of August and minimum (28.41:< 10^4/g of dry leaf) in the month of April were recorded during decomposition. The weight loss was maximum in the month of September (30.58%). It is observed that a significantly greater amount (94.42%) of litter disappeared in one year.

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