The Water Buffalo - A Poly-oestrous Animal

U. ter Meulen, G. Nothelle, E. Bode


The conception rate and calving percentage of Nili-Ravi milk buffaloes were investigated over an one year period in the Punjab region of Pakistan. The results show prominent fluctuations over the year with absolute minima in March (calving-percentage 1.6%) and May (conception-rate 1.8%) and maxima in September (calving-percentage 15.7%) and in November (conception-rate 15.2%). These low and high points correspond with unfavourable respective favourable climatic conditions, also the common feeding situation (Nothelle, 1992) is better in autumn than in spring. Thibault and Levasseur (1974) believe that there is an inborn seasonal nature of sexual activity for nearly all mammals. This principle surely also applies to the milk buffalloes although it is confirmed in this study that the buffalo cow is a poly-oestrous animal with a regular sexual cycle all the year round. Through control led breeding, nutrition and good management it is possible to compensate for the fluctuations of conception rate and calving percentage over the entire year.

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