Infectivity of three Meloidogyne spp on soybean in Nigeria

R.O. Ogbuj


Three soybean cultivars, Jupiter, Williarns and TGM 280-3 were inoculated with Meloidogyne incognita, M. javanica and M. arenaria. Williams was susceptible to the three Meloidogyne species. Jupiter and TGM 280-3 were attacked by M. incognita and M. arenaria, but not by M. javanica. Fresh root and fresh top weights of Williams attacked by nematodes did not differ significantly from those of the control (P = 0.05); fresh root and fresh top weights of Jupiter and TGM 280-3 attacked by nematodes were significantly less than those of the control plants. Williams was more tolerant to Meloidogyne infection than were Jupiter and TGM 280-3.

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