Gedanken über die Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Holzgasmotoren in Entwicklungsländern

G.B.v. Wendorff



A comparison was made between the costs of energy, produced from dieseloil and the ones from generator wood. It turned out that there are promising prospects in two West African countries, one in the rainforest region and the other in the savannnah region. Further development should be made for the introduction and economical operation of woodgas generators for rural stationary motors and agricultural tractors.

The research work should start on the suitable type of raw material and the special economical and ecological conditions in the regions. Where the wooded Area exceeds 4 ha per head of the population, the growing stock - particularly one of the none commercial timber species and one of the small wood dimensions - represents a potential source of energy, surpassing by far the equivalent of the present petroimport.

The national economies of certain developing countries may considerably gain from this new energy source, i.e. the economical handicap of less developed regions could be reduced by substituting parts of the present dieseloil consumption by wood gas.

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