The effects of artificial diets on the oviposition and development of Acraea aceruta Hew - A Lepidopterous pest of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L. Lam.).

O.K. Ogbalu


Studies were undertaken to investigate the effects of different artificial diets of Dry Baker's Yeast ( DBY) + Sugar + Water; 10% Sugar solution and 10% Honey solution) on the oviposition and development of Acraea acelata on sweet potato. Females fed on DBY + Sugar + H_2O diet laid significantly higher number of eggs than those exposed to the other two diets. Development was also faster for the larvae which parental stocks were fed on the DBY + Sugar + H_2O diet (P< 0.05, DMRT). Data on consumption, digestion and utilization indices were significantly higher for larvae that the parents were fed on DBY + Sugar + H_2O.
Feeding of larvae on follage affected yield depending on the number of larvae and larval age. The feeding effects of younger larvae induced lateral outgrowths and branchings.

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