Zum Begriff „Projekt“ in der ländlichen Entwicklung'' - The Meaning of the Term “Project” in Rural Development

H. J. Glauner


For the planners and supporters of rural development in the Federal Republic of Germany the use of the term "Project" concerning programmes of development is something new. Up to now in Germany it was rathermore usual to speak of provisions if it was about realizing Programmes of rural development. These provisions were and are then usually the object of public promotion too. In the Federal Republic of Germany only since "rural development" has been understood as a complex of various programmes and provisions built up on one other does the project gain in meaning as a means of Programme fulfilment. The introduction of the paper goes into these facts. After a definition of the term "project" and its function for rural development, the importance of exact goal definitions and participation of the people concerned are looked into. It can be Seen that an abundance of methods and materials for planning and completion in the sphere of international rural development are available which can also be used in rural development in the Federal Republic of Germany.

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