The buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Problems - trends - prospects

Jürgen Lensch


Der Wasserbüffel Probleme - Trends - Chancen

Es wird über die weltweite Verbreitung des Wasserbüffels berichtet. Dabei wird besonders auf die drei Wirtschaftspotentiale hingewiesen: Arbeitstier, Milch- und Fleischproduzent. Anschließend wird ein Überblick über den gegenwärtigen Forschungsstand unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Ernährungsforschung, der Fortpflanzungsforschung und der Zuchtprogramme gegeben. Den Abschluß bildet eine Prioritätenliste, die in drei Kategorien: Fütterung, Fortpflanzung und Rassen gegliedert ist.

Despite of many, and partly excellent individual studies, it has not been achieved so far to give the buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) a similar scientific foundation as the cattle, although the world population of the buffalo with about 130 million animals is in a proportion of 1 : 10 to the cattle (world livestock of cattle 1.3 thousand millions). Successful attempts like "The Husbandry and Health of the Domestic Buffalo" by COCKRILinL 1 974 have not been imitated so far. From that results the imperative necessity for all scientifically embody this animal species in form of an extensive Standard work, with the hope that such a book will be acknowledged as Parameter by all national and international buffalo experts.
The costs of 1 Million US $, as estimated by the author, for a world-wide study on the buffalo might be one of the most pregnant investments of the international development aid, since it would help to considerably better the life of millions of buffalo owners, especially of Asiatic small farmers whose basis of existence is the keeping of buffaloes.
The present study reports on the world-wide propagation of the buffalo with special reference to the three economic potentials: work animal, producer of milk and of meat. Following a general account is given on the present situation of research with special regard of food and reproduction research and of breeding programs. The report ends with a list of priorities which is subdivided into three categories: feeding, breeding, and breed.

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