The Glashouse for Tropical Crop Plants at Witzenhausen - historical and present day views

Peter Wolff


The first glasshouses for tropical crop plants at Witzenhausen were built in 1902, only four years after the establishment of a School of Tropical Agriculture. In 1937, a new and larger glasshouse was constructed, which was partly destroyed in 1945 by war actions. After its repair it was used until1965 when there was a decision made to build a completely new glasshouse at a different place within the Campus of the College of Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture at Witzenhausen. In 1971 the College and the glasshouse for tropical crop plants were taken over by the University of Kassel. In 1987 a new Part was added, containing a 70 m2 classroom and different service facilities. This Paper documents in pictures the development of the glasshouse for tropical crop plants at Witzenhausen.

Das Gewächshaus für tropische Nutzpflanzen - historische und aktuelle Außenansichten


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