Variabilities of Total and Phytate Phosphorus Contents as well as Phytase Activity in Wheat

J. Cossa, K. Oloffs, H. Kluge, W. Drauschke, H. Jeroch


In this investigation 17 wheat varieties from four locations (Hayn, Biendorf, Nossen and Forchheim) of the crop years 1995 and 1996 were included. The aim of this work was to analyse the total phytate phosphorus contents of these varieties as well as their phytase activities, which are important factors for the availability of phosphorus. For all 136 wheat samples the total phosphorus content was 3.74 g/kg DM, a phytate phosphorus content of 2.76 g/kg DM and the ratio phytate/total phosphorus of 74% were determined. The phytase activity was relatively high with a mean value of 802 U/kg. In this study possible influences of variety, location and crop year on the phosphorus content and phytase activities were tested. It was possible to detect statistically significant differences caused by variety and crop year for all tested parameters. The location influenced total-P and phytase activity statistically significant.

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