Investigation of Imperata sp. as a Primary Feedstock for Compost Production in Ucayali region, Peru

Jan Banout, Bohdan Lojka, Nadezda Matouskova, Zbynek Polesny, Jana Lojkova


Five compost piles with different initial C : N ratios have been investigated in this study. As a primary feedstock Imperata sp. was used. The primary feedstock was mixed with poultry litter and vegetable refuse in order to obtain different C : N ratio. The results show that during 64 days of well managed composting under tropical conditions the initial C : N ratio between 30:1 and 50:1 decreased to ratio 11:1 to 15:1, respectively. Results of bioassay tests expressed as the germination index (GI) indicate particular compost phytotoxicity. The value of GI was 51.4%, 48.6%, 47.8%, 46.7% and 40.0% for samples from the compost with initial C : N ratios of 30:1, 37:1, 40:1, 44:1 and 50:1, respectively.


composting; Imperata sp.; allelopathy; Peruvian Amazon; compost phytotoxicity

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