Spread of Tuberculosis in Cattle Stocks in Various Areas of Tajikistan

D. M. Mirsojev, W. Drauschke


The publication shows that cattle stocks have severely suffered from tuberculosis in the investigated periods (1943 - 1994) in the Republic of Tadzhikistan. The main causes for this situation can be seen in the insufficient implementation of
– veterinary measures,
– diagnostical control of stocks and
– long term control of suffering stocks.
Insufficient desinfection of sheds as well as poor qualification of veterinary staff and bad feeding conditions have also contributed to this situation. The implementation of these measures will contribute to diminishing and, in the future, to complete controlling tuberculosis of the cattle stocks in the Republic of Tadzhikistan: carefully investigating the cattle stocks with regard to suffering from tuberculosis, strictly obeying prescriptions and recommendations and systematic and planful work of all staff responsible.


Tajikistan; cattle; tuberculosis; spread of tuberculosis; control of tuberculosis

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