Socio-economic and Technical Characteristics of Backyard Animal Husbandry in Two Rural Communities of Yucatan, Mexico

R. Santos Ricalde, C. E. Hau, R. Belmar Casso, I. Armendariz Yañez, R. Cetina Góngora, L. Sarmiento Franco, J. Segura Correa


This research work was conducted in order to asses the socio-economic and technical aspects of backyard animal rearing in two communities of Yucatán, México. One hundred and thirty nine families were interviewed in Sudzal (C1) and 117 families in San Jose Tzal (C2). A structured questionnaire was used to interview the families on technical and socio-economic aspects. Using this information the technical level of animal husbandry and a index of socio-economic status of the families involved in backyard animal rearing in both communities were determined. In C1 46.8% of the interviewed families reared animals in their backyard in comparison to 70.9% in C2. Main animal species kept in the backyard were chickens (C1= 92.3% and C2= 88.0), turkeys (C1= 63.1% and C2= 55.4%) and pigs (C1= 38.5% and 1C2= 5. 7% in C1 and C2 respectively). In C2 100% of pigs kept in the backyard were of the commercial type. Technical level in animal production was significantly higher (P < 0.0001) in C2 than in C1, because utilisation of commercial diets was higher in C2 (P < 0.001) than in C1. The families of C2 had a higher socio-economic level (P < 0.002) than families from C1, because families of C2 have houses built with lasting materials (P < 0.0001) and the occupation of the head of the family was associated with higher income (merchants or employees) (P < 0.0001). The correlation coefficients between socio-economic status and technical level in backyard animal production showed that 84% of the technical level was explained by the socio-economic status. It can be concluded that socio-economic status has a high influence on backyard animal production characteristics. The socio-economic status determine the number of animals kept and the technical level in animal rearing.


backyard animal rearing; socio-economic status; technical level; Yucatan; Mexico

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