Influencing Factors of Infestation of Endo and Ectoparasites on Hair Sheep in Tropical Ecuador

Victor Suárez, Ezzat S. Tawfik


120 hair sheep were tested for faecal, skin and blood parasites. After three parasitological studies in humid Sucumbíos, it was proved that the parasitic charge is influenced by different factors. In the case of air temperature and humidity there was no variation detected between the seasons, although the parasitical charge rose in the course of this study. With regard to parasitic charge some systematic differences were found between the farming systems. Prophylactic measures such as rotational grazing, guarantee the food alternatives in the case of grass shortage, the strategic treatment with de-wormers and removal of excrement and garbage were recommended.


endoparasites; ectoparasites; hair sheep; rotational grazing; season; farming system; prophylactic measures; Ecuador

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