Effects of Compound Fertilization on Growth and Alkaloids of Datura (Datura innoxia Mill.) Plants

A. I. AL-Humaid


The effect of 0, 100, 200, 400, 600 and 800 kg ha−1 of Sangral, a complex chemical fertilizer at rates, on growth, alkaloid content, drug yield and nutrient uptake of datura (Datura innoxia Mill.) plants was studied during two successive seasons. The plant height, the number of branches and leaves/plant, the fresh and the dry weights increased with increasing fertilizer rates up to 800 kg ha−1; however, the maximum increase was recorded at 600 kg ha−1. Total alkaloid and drug (hyoscyamine + scopolamine) contents also increased with increasing the fertilization level to a peak value of 600 kg ha−1. It then, decreased at 800 kg ha−1 level. Plant leaves and fruits were the most valuable organs for alkaloid and drug accumulation followed by stems, roots and crowns, respectively. N, P and K in the leaves were linearly increased by increasing fertilizer level. It seems that compound fertilizers increase the availability of essential nutrient elements necessary for datura growth and metabolism, causing vigorous vegetation and high chemical production.


Datura; NPK fertilization; alkaloids

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